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Split Screen Magnetic Blackout Blinds


Split Screen Magnetic Blackout Blinds.
Handmade in the UK. Made to order to the highest standard and tailored to your needs.
Please select from the drop downs below to complete your order.
The number of windows selected with pop out latches will have a cut out to clear the latches for a nice snug fit.
The blackout fabric colour is visible from the outside of the bus when the blinds are fitted.
All blackout blind set come with a matching bag for easy storage and protection.
There are many more fabrics available and all our fabric are available in many different colours, please contact us to discuss your options. As these are made to order they is an 3-4 week lead time on deliveries (more if shipping out of the UK). Please note these kits include rear side windows and rear screen, not cab doors or windscreen.

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